#8 and the 2-Week Wait

This past Sunday I went in for my 8th IUI. I don’t know if that makes me crazy or just passionate about what we want as the end result. I’m 4 days into my two week wait, I usually don’t start over analyzing or going crazy until the end of the first week so I have 3 more days of sane left in me. I’ve been pregnant before (none have resulted in a birth yet) so I know the signs I should be looking for. So far I haven’t been awaken with the sudden urge to pee, I haven’t had any implantation bleeding and my boobs still feel as normal as they always do. Ugh what I wouldn’t give for sore boobs right now…you all know the desired symptoms I’m talking about! So I know how I should be feeling and when I don’t feel anything I know we have another round that didn’t go our way. I don’t get it because the last few times that we’ve done this everything has looked perfect for the both of us. It amazes me how anyone in this world gets pregnant. Even if I think I’m not pregnant I will always still test because if by some crazy miracle it happens without me getting any of the symptoms I need to know. I’ve had 2 eptopics in the past so I’m at a higher risk for having another one and I only have 1 tube so to lose the other one would be devastating. I have to keep reminding myself that all of this is out of my control and whatever happens will happen and we’ll be ok.

Before I close I want to give a huge hug to the first of my followers and for taking the time to comment with such positive words. It’s amazing how so many of our stories overlap and I hope I can be just as supportive to you as you are to me.

Thanks for letting me share-


4 thoughts on “#8 and the 2-Week Wait

  1. 8th IUI – wowsers – Will you be eligible for IVF if you did loose the second tube? Although I absolutely pray like crazy that this ends up a positive two lines – and in 9 months a wee bundle to cuddle! I go crazy from day 1 of insemination – and I haven’t yet been pregnant lol – People who aren’t infertile – will never understand how long two weeks can be lol.


    • I can totally relate to everything you just said! What I wouldn’t give to be one of the fertile ones. Not sure if IVF is in our cards or not, it’s SO expensive and I go crazy on the mild drugs I can only imagine what those would do to me. Time will tell….like always!


  2. I haven’t got as far as IUI or IVF yet so I can’t imagine what you’re going through, 8 times must be torture. We’ve been ttc for around a year and a half (one mmc so far) and am currently 5 days into my 2ww and driving myself crazy. Symptom spotting is the worst. I spend 2 weeks nudging my boobs and hoping they’ll be sore, utter madness! I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s 8th time lucky for you xx


    • Your boob comment made me laugh because I do the same thing! Fingers crossed it will happen this month and you won’t ever have to go down the IUI/IVF path. 9 more get-ups Girl, you can do it!


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