Seriously did you just ask me if I was Pregnant?!?

My day started off by reading this email….

I would never consider asking this if I weren’t pretty sure, but I saw you walking by, did I see a baby bump??

I read the words and I felt like I was punched in the stomach. This was from a girl who works at the same company as I do and the only reason I know who she is, is because we have a mutual acquaintance.

What even gives her the right to ask that question. I sat at my desk with tears stinging my eyes wondering how I should respond to her. I barely know this girl does she deserve to know “my story.” I have to say something to her even though what I want to say is mean but really she made me feel bad why shouldn’t I make her feel bad for asking me such a personal question. I took the high road because I’m too nice of a person to be mean. I summed up the last 4 years of heartache into 2 sentences. I told her I wasn’t pregnant and that I’d been going through fertility treatment the last 2 months with no success and then I hit the send button. She responded back but didn’t apologize instead she told me how she’s a fertile myrtle and how she had no problems conceiving her children and maybe I should consider adoption and then ended the email asking if I wanted to do lunch sometime. I know deep down she wasn’t trying to be mean but her words hurt. I’ve really been struggling these last few weeks. I feel like just when I get 2 steps ahead and start feeling good something happens that pushes me back down. I just wish some people weren’t so clueless, she’ll never know it but this girl certainly turned my good day into a crappy one.

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5 thoughts on “Seriously did you just ask me if I was Pregnant?!?

  1. Oh, this is just awful. Your post made me feel quite angry. How dare she think she has the right to ask! As you said, at least you took the high road which makes you a much better person. Chin up Lovely, try not to let idiots like this get you down x


  2. Wow you are a much better person than I am. Someone has to be so unaware of others or super insensitive to say something like that. Not just asking if you were pregnant but then to flaunt their fertility. I hope she reads your blog to understand how wrong she was.


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