Taking the month off and a vacation

It’s weird having a month off from dr appts, meds and out of control hormones. I’m not going to lie I kind of like it. Even though I’m not on any meds or being monitored we’re still trying on our own, it’s happened for us before so who knows, weirder things have happened. Maybe I’m a little more relaxed this month because I’ve been in vacation mode all week, we leave first thing tomorrow morning. I love the anticipation of knowing I’m about to go on vacation I get all gitty and feel like a kid again. I’ve been awake since 3:30 because I was too excited to sleep and my mind was racing thinking of all of the things I still need to do before we leave.

This is our annual Sept trip to  Naples, FL. It’s our official end of summer trip that gets us mentally prepared for our cold winter months ahead. Last year I was pregnant when we went to FL and two days into our trip I had a miscarriage. Let me tell you having a miscarriage is heartbreaking but it’s even worse when your a thousand miles away from your home, your bed, your bathroom and your Dr! FL has always been our happy place, we got engaged there, we had our engagement pictures taken there, it’s a place where we unplug and reconnect as a couple again and share some of the best memories. It makes me sad that something so bad happened and is now a memory in my happy place. Infertility and RPL has taken so much from me already that I’m not about to let it steal my happy place from me. So here’s to another year and making it better than the last!

I haven’t posted any pics on here yet but I’ll try to get a few up so you can put a face to my story. Have a great weekend everyone!


One thought on “Taking the month off and a vacation

  1. Sometimes a break is EXACTLY what you need! We took many for emotional reasons, financial reasons, physical reasons, whatever! Sometimes you just busy NEED time without the pressure!


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