The Hurry up and Wait Game

It’s been 29 days since I went in for my d&c. The dr told me that it could take 6-8 weeks to get my cycle so here I sit waiting. I’ve pretty much gone through every emotion in the last month. I grieved and I grieved hard. I had a day where I physically couldn’t get out of bed or stop crying. John picked me up, literally and forced me to live life that day and you know, I got through it. Funny thing is he told me he was waiting for my meltdown, I wish he would have shared that information with me because I thought I had all of my emotions under control up until that point. The next day we had our post op with my Dr who is one of the best caregivers I’ve ever had. He told me ways to tackle the situational depression/emotions that I’ve been experiencing so I’ve been working on Myself as of lately. We also came up with a game plan once my cycle decides to make its debut. He’s going to put me back on the Letrozole because I’ve responded so well to it in the past, I’ll continue to be monitored to see how many follicles I have, I’ll take the Ovidrel and this time instead of doing another round of IUI we’re going to just have timed intercourse. I still think it’s interesting because we’ve been pregnant 5x’s and each one of those times we’ve done it on our own. I have high hopes for us this time assuming I can survive the wait of the cycle.

I’m so glad I finally took a few minutes to write this post, I haven’t written in awhile and someone just asked me this week if I was keeping up with my blog and I had to confess that I hadn’t been writing at all. I guess it’s just because I feel like I’m in such limbo right now. This whole process has been such a huge part of my life for the last 5 years and when I’m not in baby making mode I’m not sure what to do with myself. I feel good that we’ve got a plan in place and I’m ready….


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