10 days to go…

Two days after my last post I started my cycle. I never thought I would be excited to get my period but this time was a cause for celebration. I called the clinic to schedule my ultra sound because I was mentally and emotionally prepared to start the meds again. Unfortunately we hit another block in the road, I had a cyst which means no meds. My dr as always was upbeat and promising and told us to have timed intercourse every other day staring on day 9-18. So that’s what we did and now I’m 4 days into the 2ww. As the days crawl by my mind always gets the best of me. I look for anything that might be a symptom I sometimes even make them up in my head. Darn you infertility you’ve turned me into a crazy woman!

I’m convinced that what I am feeling is pms. I want to shove any and all food that is put in front of me in my mouth…like seriously I just can’t get enough. I keep feeling my boobs hoping the hurt just a little bit more each day. They’re sore now but why wouldn’t they be sore, I have pms. I ride the bus into the city each day for work and yesterday on the way home I fell asleep, like out cold sleeping. Somehow my 45 minute commute turned into me closing my eyes and opening them to realize I was almost home. This is all silly talk I know but I’ve said from the beginning of my journey if you can’t laugh and keep your sense of humor¬†through all of this you will literally go nuts. So here’s to the next 10 days and whatever they might have in store for me.


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