3 Months and I’m Ready..Again.

For some crazy reason I was 5 days late this month, I ended up taking 2 pregnancy tests within those days and both came out negative…that was a waste of money which I knew it would be.  Today the clouds cleared and the angels sang from above because AF officially arrived today. Thank God because the hormones have been surging through my body and I’ve been trampling anyone and everyone who’s crossed me which is totally not my personality. Now hopefully I’ll get a little reprieve before I start back up on the meds. It’s been 3 months since I’ve been to the clinic so I left a message for my nurse telling her we’re ready to get back on track. She called me back and told me how nice it was to hear my voice….seriously melt my heart, I’ll probably say it a dozen more times but the people that work at my clinic are absolutely amazing! I’m scheduled for an US tomorrow afternoon and then I’ll meet with the dr and we’ll come up with a game plan. The clock is ticking my friends so here’s to hoping I have no cysts and things go as planned or if they don’t go as planned I at least have the strength to handle what is in store.


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