My TWW = Zero Symptoms

I had my IUI done 10 days ago and I have zero pregnancy symptoms. I know that it’s not over until the stick tells me so but my heart is already prepared for the negative test that will be staring me in the face on Tues.

It’s funny the emotions you go through during the month when trying to conceive the non-traditional way.

CD 2: So excited to get to the clinic and find out I don’t have any cysts. I feel like that is a big win and a  great way to start out.

CD 9: Go in for another US and see that I’m responding well to the meds..I usually do. I have 3 follicles that are growing nicely but the Dr isn’t ready for me to trigger yet instead he tells me to come back in on Mon for another US. Cue panic….What?!? I thought this would be my last US for this cycle and I would trigger over the weekend and go in for IUI on Mon. Wrong!

CD 12: Back to the clinic Mon morning for another US.  One of the follicles is definitely ready to go, the second one isn’t quite as far along but the Dr is ok with this and has me trigger at the office. IUI is scheduled for Tues morning. More excitement from me because the Dr is going to be doing my IUI, every other time it’s been the nurse practitioner. Maybe he has some sort of different technique or something so I’ve very hopeful going into Tues.

IUI Day: I’m always a little bit nervous not because it has anything to do with the procedure itself, I’m more nervous about John and his sperm. Thank goodness I have a fella who isn’t phased by much and provides the sample like a champ. Hallelujah! Sample looks great and the Dr is ready to do his thing. It’s interesting the Dr tells me that if any time during the procedure I feel any cramping to tell him immediately and he’ll stop. He said he doesn’t want me to cramp because the cramping may prohibit the sperm from moving to where they need to get.  Every other time I’ve had this done I’ve always cramped, the nurse actually told me when to expect it. This time I didn’t cramp at all. I took this to be a really good sign. From start to finish everything took about 3.5 hours. I spent the rest of the day lounging watching Netflix. John and I had intercourse 4x’s over the next few days and besides feeling bloated everything else felt normal. I made sure I took my progesterone 2x’s a day, my metformin 2x’s a day and my prenatal vitamin. Usually I’m terrible at remembering to take pills but this time I made a point to remember every day.

TWW: The last 10 days have gone by pretty quickly. I had a day off  and we had Easter and there were even a few days where I didn’t even think about the possibility of being pregnant. As the test day is creeping closer I’m wondering what my next steps will be if I’m not pregnant. Will I go back and meet with the Dr again in the hopes of doing another IUI, I’m not sure. Letrozole isn’t my friend it really makes me emotional as in I’m Freaking Crazy so I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing. Either way Tues will come and go I’ll deal with it one way or another.



4 thoughts on “My TWW = Zero Symptoms

  1. Good luck! Fingers crossed for you. A lot of women don’t get many recognizable symptoms until way later. I really hope you get your bfp soon.

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  2. Don’t give up yet! I had zero symptoms at 10 dpo and I was carrying twins, we lost one later on, but my hcg levels were climbing fast and I still didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms until later on so just keep it mind it’s not over til it’s over!

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