He told me to go to Mexico!

I’ve been avoiding blogging because if I actually wrote I would have to come to terms with what the dr told me. Let me set the scene, I’m alone sitting in the US room with the paper sheet draped over me sporting my ever so sexy black work socks. The dr comes in and sits in the chair next to me…never a good sign.

DR: I don’t want to waste anymore of your time.
ME: OMG are you breaking up with me?!?
DR: No but I think we need to consider IVF.
ME: Considering my age (I’m 41) there isn’t a clinic here that will take me on as a patient
DR: You’re right there isn’t a clinic here that’s why I think you should go to Mexico.

Cue freak out…Did he really just tell me that he wants me to go to Mexico. Mexico to me is a spring break destination where you do body shots and lay on the beach for a week. I don’t want to leave the clinic I’ve known and loved for the last 5 years to have a procedure that I can’t have done in my own country because I’m now considered “too old.” My heart sank, the one appt John doesn’t go to and all of this gets dumped on me.

When Plan A isn’t an option come up with another one.
Plan B: One more month of Letrozole with IUI which by the way I had done yesterday. I’m now officially into my 2ww. If it doesn’t happen this month then he’s going to start me on injectibles. The dreaded needles and what I imagine will be even moodier mood swings. Like this isn’t a lot to take in especially now since I feel like so much is riding on my IUI this month. Here’s to hoping my heart and my body is ready for whatever Plan B, C or D has in store for us!


2 thoughts on “He told me to go to Mexico!

  1. I conceived Kenley on injects and IUI. I had WAY less mood swings on injects. Besides being 41, do you have any other official infertility diagnosis? I very new so I haven’t read around much! (((Hugs)))


    • I have PCOS and had to have one of my tubes removed because it was completely blocked and beyond repair. I’ve done IUI 11 times and have either been taking Clomid to Letrozole. All of the times I’ve been pregnant I haven’t been on any drugs or gone through any procedures, go figure! Next month the dr is starting me on injectibles so we’ll see if that works.

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