A Birthday Blessing

A week ago I turned 42…ugh 42 how did that number creep up on my so quickly. I actually love my birthday, I always take the day off of work and I do whatever I want to do. This year was a very mild winter day for MN, there actually wasn’t even any snow on the ground. I shopped and shopped a lot. Do you ever go to the mall and everything you try on just looks fabulous on you? I was having one of those days, maybe because it was my birthday. I want to back up my day a little bit, I had a list of two RE’s offices that I needed to call to see what their qualifications were for taking on a new client..ie: will you take me because I’m 42 now and if you do can I use my own eggs. I had a message out to the Center for Reproductive Medicine, she called me back the morning of my birthday…this could either make or break my special day. She told me that they don’t really have an age restriction but they only let you use your own eggs until 44. OMG…I can use my own eggs! I have an appt to meet with the RE on Jan 17th. I totally thought IVF would not be an option for me because of my age and on my birthday I found out that it is an option, what an amazing gift! I called my insurance company and I still have $13,000 left to use toward my infertility treatments, I’m going to use every last penny and I’m going to be proud that I did. I’m ready for the holidays but more importantly I’m ready for 2017!


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