RE Appt.

I sat across the desk from the RE as he paged through a ream of paper. Those papers are the last 5  years of my life. I chocked back the tears thinking about the diagnosis, surgeries and losses, now they were all sitting in front of me in a nice and neat file folder. Gosh I wish the last 5 years had been that nice and neat. To be honest I don’t know how I physically or mentally got through those  years but here I am today talking to an RE about giving it one last shot and trying IVF, something I thought I would never be able to do.

We scheduled a tentative date of March 26th to start the process. Both John and I have a few follow-up things to do before we can proceed so that will give us time to get those done. Considering my age and our miscarriage history we decided to do the Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS). We both feel good about that decision and I know it will be money well spent. Any words of wisdom from anyone else who has gone through the screening please share your knowledge with me. The RE wanted to know if once we found out the genders if we would want to implant one vs the other. I guess I never really thought that would be an option, I guess that’s something to think about if we make it to that point. Probably a blog post for another day.

So how am I going to make it through the next few months and not worry about it everyday? Will I produce enough eggs, what if they don’t make it to 5 day, what if we do the screening and we don’t have any that come back normal, how crazy are the shots going to make me, am I strong enough to go through all of this, how in the heck will we pay for this! These are the things that have been occupying my brain since I made the appt back in Nov. I know I drive John crazy with all of my overthinking, heck I drive myself crazy with my thinking!

Things just got Real really quick!


4 thoughts on “RE Appt.

  1. YAY! What an exciting post! I know it’s terrifying; I can relate. We did PGS testing on our embryos, and I’m very glad we did. What supplements are you taking leading up to your IVF (I guess I should ask if you’re taking any already lol)? Let me know if you have ANY questions at all. I’m considered DOR (diminished ovarian reserve) so they say I have the egg quantity of a woman who is 45+ so I had to use a ton of meds. Did they give you any ideas of what protocol you’ll use, or is that set for the march appt too? ((Hugs))


    • As the day progresses I’m getting more giddy!! I’m waiting for my cycle to start and then I have to go in for the saline ultra sound and the trial transfer. I’ll start bc in Feb. currently I don’t take any supplements, I probably should though but I’m clueless about all of that kind of stuff. Lol. Not sure what drugs I’ll be in yet I’ll find out more within the next couple of weeks.
      I’m probably going to have 100 questions between now and March, is it ok if I reach out to you?

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      • Absolutely reach out to me! If you want to email me we can exchange #’s so you can text me whenever something pops into your mind! 🙂 If I were you, right away, I would start taking CoQ10 (in ubiquional form– it’s absorbed better by your body. I took 600mg a day), and while we were trying I also took Vitamin D3 2,000 mg a day, Prenatal, I also took DHEA because I am DOR like I said before, but its only recommended for patients who are DOR (and let me check my book- it might be recommended for patients over 40 as well, Ill let you know!)

        There is a book called It starts with the egg, and you can get it on amazon, and I highly recommend it. It is full of suggestions. Also, I can recommend a support website full of ladies who are AMMMAAAZZINNGGGGGGG and know all the things about IVF if you’re interested! Email me 🙂


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