My sweet 16

I had an ultrasound this morning, this is the first one I’ve had since taking the injectibles. My right side had 6 and my left had 10, the nurse called it Sweet 16. I know they’re not all going to mature but that number gives me hope today. Hope that the drugs continue doing their job and that we’re one day closer to retrieval. I go back on Friday to see how I’m progressing. The science behind this whole process absolutely amazes me and the things I’ve learned along the way is more than I ever anticipated. I’m excited to see what Friday has in store for us.



2 thoughts on “My sweet 16

  1. Yay!!! 16 is a GREAT number! You never know- they might all mature and then some might catch up. Did they tell you the sizes? Can’t wait to hear what Friday brings!


    • I’m beyond happy with that number! She didn’t do any measurements this time, so I’ll be anxious to see what happens on Friday. I’m supposed to start the Cetrotide shot on Friday morning. 2 more get ups!!

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