I should have remembered to sync my calendar with Infertility’s

My transfer was supposed to be yesterday but yet again infertility is on its own schedule. I went in for my ultrasound and my lining wasn’t as thick as they were hoping so I got sent home with several boxes of estrogen patches and told to come back in a week. I went in yesterday and my lining was at a 7.5 so I’m back on the schedule for Wed 7/12. I swear this has been the longest drawn out process EVER. I remember I made the initial call to the RE in Nov. and now here we are almost 8 months later….a baby could have been born in that timeframe! I hate to admit it but I  have cold feet, to think that everything we’ve done has led us up to this point, the end…the finish line one way or the other (one embryo. one shot). This is where I get mad at being an infertile because I’ve had months to overthink and analyze. If I was just normal and was able to get pregnant like I was supposed to so many of these feelings or thoughts would have probably never crossed my mind. It’s hard to be excited when I feel like all of the excitement has been drained from me and don’t even get me started on the fear factor if I do end up pregnant. John told me today how proud he is of me, we’ve done everything we possibly could to make this work. He’s right we have and once next Wed comes it will be my last ever TWW.



4 thoughts on “I should have remembered to sync my calendar with Infertility’s

  1. Been in fertile is a huge roller coaster! I hate that we have to go through these things and can’t enjoy the naïveté of pregnancy without consequences. I will be thinking of you on Wednesday. I have my fingers crossed that everything goes wonderfully and I will be stalking you during your TWW!!! are your embryos genetically tested? And are they day five embryos?


    • Thank you for the sweetest message! We did do the genetic testing and out of the 3 embryos only 1 was genetically perfect. This particular one is a day 7 embryo, I don’t know if I should be nervous that it took 7 days to grow or not. My mind is in a constant swirl these days.

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  2. I just read through nearly all of your blog! I feel your pain and hope you hold your baby in your arms very soon. A couple of things to add… LOVED your pageant post and the video from Sean was awesome.


    • Thanks! I go in tomorrow afternoon for my one and only FET and I’m so nervous! I just wish we all didn’t need to go through all of this pain and heartache.


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