Welcome to my blog! My name is Terri and I’m a newly turned 40 year old who lives in Minnesota. I met John in the summer of 2006, our story is full of happy moments, heartache and the struggles that we’ve been through in trying to build a family. I can’t really say at what point we started trying for a baby because once the months turned into years I quit keeping track, it’s easier on the heart that way. We have 7 rounds of IUI behind us along with 2 miscarriages, 2 eptopic pregnancies and two surgeries, one that removed one of my tubes and another that removed my scar tissue as a result from my miscarriages. All 4 of our pregnancies happened when we hadn’t done IUI so we know we can get pregnant it just hasn’t resulted in us taking home our baby….yet. I’d love for you to follow me and offer up any words of wisdom, encouragement or support because right now I need people in my life who understand the world of infertility.


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